My NaPoWriMo Challenge

30 poems in 30 days

Things I Remember

I remember when the safest place in the world was my father’s arms
I remember when I thought my parents had all the answers I’d ever need
I remember the taste of dirt in my mouth as my face was pushed into the earth
I remember sitting in a circle with my best friends and realising I was all alone
I remember when I thought my mother was happy
I remember the cold tears that drowned my pillow as my dreams died
I remember things the most when I try to forget


Picture Perfect shields his darkness with a smile;
Troubadour tells everyone’s story but his own;
Slippery smooth talker pines for someone to listen;
Pretty little rich girl has a house with no home;
Ageing legend chases the years of his life;
Prince Charming longs to earn his father’s crown;
While a mother’s daughter tries to save the world;
They’re just living the dream in Boomtown.

Love at First Sight

He was standing at the back of the garden
smoking his last cigarette
surrounded by lithe models with stilettos and jewel offerings.

I was leaning against a tired tree
watching this parade play out
when his cool coffee eyes caught mine.

With a flick of the forefinger
a stomp of the boot
and a gentle smile that summoned the sun;
He made me believe in that perfect moment
that I could be something greater than me.

And as his arms encircled me
and pulled me towards his warmth
I thought I was home.


today is the day I decide if I’m free
if the world is in my hands

or if it’s destiny calling me


In the beginning we shared a cocoon
All our lives they saw us as one
Now through the distance between us I feel your cracks
and reach towards the sun.

In my mind I trace the lines on your face
and take you in my loving embrace
But I can’t heal you across time and space
and together we fade away.

Dreaming of Summer

I saw you frolicking in the sand
Remember how I wanted to be in a rock band?
We were dreaming of summer together and going our separate ways


I spent the last 10 years running away
Until I got the call and had nothing to say.
Duty paved the way back to my hometown
Where I prayed salt water would come tumbling down.
I watched your hearse snake through my old street;
Tried to conjure days of playing at your feet;
Bowed my head with conviction as familiar faces started to cry
But when I opened my eyes, I was numb; they were dry.


You are a love that I can’t kick and I don’t want to
You touch my heart with the warmth of a heaven I never knew
You infect my soul so sometimes all I can think and feel is you
But you’ll never know

Sometimes I cry myself to sleep to drown myself away
I fill the pages of my life with words I’ll never say
One taste of you is all I need to get me through the day
But you’ll never know

My heart is screaming in my ears
I don’t know if I can handle anymore
These butterflies speak all my fears
I’ve never felt like this before


"Life’s a bitch and then you die"
so when it gets too hard and you need to cry
just remember there’s still someone, somewhere who cares
who would lay down their life to save you.

You meet people who live to stab your back
destroy your faith and pull you off track
so stand strong in defiance even when you’re alone
and it’s then you might find out who.


Kneel before us
Shiver, anticipate
Taste the poison
Let your senses evaporate
Beckoning smile
Let us consummate
We wait for you to beg for more
You’ll be knocking on heaven’s door